1955: Born in Basel, Switzerland 1978: Founded my company for club and discotheque equipment 1978: Founded my company for club and discotheque equipment 1978: Founded my company for club and discotheque equipment 1988: Traveling to Egypt for wreck diving 1988: Traveling to Egypt for wreck diving After wreck diving I'm traveling to Giza to do some experiments in and on the top of the Great Pyramid Meditating in the sarcophagus of King Khufu Early morning climb to the top of the Great Pyramid for a daring experiment One my way to Bir Hooker A farmhouse near Bir Hooker The grave robber shows me the chopped off finger of a humanoid giant. I'm shocked. What I see here can never exist At the point where the finger is chopped off the paw, a piece of bone sticks out of the mummified flesh I'm both curious and horrified. The size of the finger in my hands is unbelievable Researching about the "biblical" giants. In old legends, myths and Holy Scriptures I finally find what I'm looking for 2009: I keep coming back to the Egyptian pyramids following a mysterious clue from the grave robber from Bir Hooker Measuring in the rock chamber Exploring the 52-foot-long blind shaft in the rock chamber under the Great Pyramid Erich von Däniken and I in front of the Great Pyramid 2000: H.R. Giger encourages me to publish my experiences in Egypt, my theses and fantasies as a novel. 2008: Started working on my novel, LOST GOD 2012: Presenting my novel: The Lost God - Tag der Verdammnis After the book publication I'm researching in Egypt again Researching in the Giant Caves of Long You in China 2017: Presenting the completely revised and updated version of my novel LOST GOD

1955: I was born in Basel, Switzerland.

1978: Following school, vocational training and military service, I found Z-Productions, a design, event, and equipment company for road shows, dance clubs and bars. (I still run the company, although on a smaller scale.)

1988: I travel to Egypt for wreck diving. Afterwards I visit the historical sites of the country to collect ideas for a club interior in the pharaonic style. But I have something else in mind: For a daring self-experiment, I want to be alone for one night in the legendary Great Pyramid. My intention doesn’t go unnoticed and brings me together with a grave robber who seems to know more about the pyramids than any Egyptologist. In the end, the old Arab allows me a glimpse of his family treasure, which includes a gruesome relic. I’m shocked, because it’s the chopped off limb of a human-like giant, as they appear in old legends, myths and in the Bible. The pictures of it go around the world. The photos go around the world.

1988 – 1999: I develop a fantastic story about my uncanny experience in Egypt and write it down.

1990 – 2018: Following a mysterious clue from the grave robber, I return to Egypt several times. But I’m also looking in other parts of the world for evidence of the existence of prehistoric human-like monsters such as the biblical giants (Nephilim). The results of my research are a source of astonishment and disbelief for established scientists.

2000: During a profound conversation, dark art artist H.R. Giger encourages me to publish my imaginative story as a novel. I follow his advice and publish a short version of my story as a booklet in the same year. Title: THE IRON WORLD.

2000 – 2012: I research, create drawings of monsters and spaceships, build various models and complete my story.

2012: My 500-page story is published in German. Title: THE LOST GOD – Tag der Verdammnis. (ISBN 978-3905896336)

2017: I revise, update and streamline my story. The novel is published with the title: LOSTGOD – Das Jüngste Gericht (ISBN 978-3952486016)

2018: The English version of my novel is published. Title: LOST GOD – Day of Judgment (ISNB 978-3952486023)



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